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Printer Annual Maintenance Contract Services

Our annual service contracts are crucial for businesses where equipment maintenance is mission critical. Through these contracts you can avoid costly expenses which include parts of printer and labour at a fixed rate associated with the repairs which are not predicted before. Maintaining ISO 9002 quality standards you are assured of the best quality work at all times. The maintenance and repairs of printers are core focus of "Printer on Hire". We provide quick, easy to arrange and inexpensive maintenance service that help you getting your printers/copiers/faxes back to working condition through our presence across India. "Printer on Hire" offers a variety of on-site maintenance options with flexibility to work around your requirement. Prices include preventive maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

Our Services include

Copier Maintenance, Fax Machine repair-service, Copier Repair, Printer Maintenance, Printer Repair, Printer Support Service, Priner Parts, HP Printer Repair, Laser printer Repair, Laser Printer Cleanings, Canon Copier Support Service, Canon Copier Repair, Technical Support, Printer Technical Support, Copier Technical Support, HP Plotter Repair-Designjet, Designjet Parts.

Our Service Standards

Dedicated Account Managers, Preventative Service Cleans, Unlimited OEM Parts, All labour Charges, Backup Printers, No call out charges, No Hidden costs.

Copier Machine Solution

"Printer on Hire" offer canon copier machine, Xerox copier machine solutions for all business segment - Small, Medium & Large. We can sell & rent at unbeatable prices and services of canon copier machines along with other major copier machine brands across India. We have of a wide range of functionalities that gives our customers complete advantage offered by Canon office copiers which have higher production speeds, large capacity paper trays and additional paper trays and modems.

A copier machine is extremely useful in an environment where there is a need of high-quality color, digital or black-and-white photocopy to be done on a regular basis. We understand that having the right kind of copier is one of the most important components for maintaining proper infrastructure. To satisfy all kind of business needs we provide wide range of photocopiers and each of them comes with unique features that suit every kind of business needs. Color photocopier produces professional and crisp-looking documentation, the multi-functional ones can also print, fax and scan besides copying documents, thereby helping your business with a wide range of data processing.

One of the busiest machines in the office is the copier, so it is very important for a company to choose one that has the capability of processing documents efficiently. A multifunction copier has always been a best choice as it is capable of performing multiple tasks like printing, copying, scanning, faxing etc. We have to consider some of the factors before deciding on which copier they need to buy or rent. Firstly, they need to decide on the function of the machine. This is important because the function of the machine determines whether to go for a black and white or multifunction photocopier or quality of the documents to copy or print, and then comes the budget. While calculating the total cost of ownership we always recommend our customers to choose digital over analogue units because the former produces high quality prints and comes with modern features as well. Being industry leader we have an efficient and dedicated team that takes care of all worries related to copier machine. We are always there to guide our customers regarding the type of photocopier or printer that is suitable for their business. We work closely with our customers to analyze their printing needs and then select the most suitable machine for them. We always keep in mind the optimal use of our customer’s resources while selecting the copier machine.

We offer affordable AMC or Annual Maintenance Contracts under which we take charge of your issues related to your photocopier so that you can concentrate on your core business by leaving the miscellaneous hassles to us.

Cartridge Refilling

Cartridge refilling has multiple benefits and zero drawbacks, a refilled cartridge saves almost 80% of cost and at the same time there is a great contribution to our environment. Every year, several millions of empty ink cartridges end up in incinerators and landfills. These take thousands of years to breakdown and decompose, producing toxins like volatile organic compounds. Ink cartridges also stand the chance of leaking, thereby further polluting the environment. Disposing cartridges in open air is also not a good option, especially after carbon black used in toner has been recognized as carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The plastic, metal and oil needed for making cartridges contribute gravely to the release of greenhouse gases. Over three ounces of oil are needed to make a new inkjet cartridge and three quarts of oil to make a fresh laser cartridge. This oil can easily be saved if we practice cartridge refilling. So, the huge heap of waste that is collected for manufacturing cartridges can easily be reduced through the use of re-manufactured cartridges because that does not require the use of any virgin materials. Almost 97% of our products can be reused. To be precise, a single cartridge can be refilled for almost 7 to 14 times, without any problem. So, why go the expensive and harmful way instead of treading the affordable and safe way? Simply by cartridge refilling, you can reduce air and water pollution, and conserve natural resources like oil, minerals, water and timber. You also get to save ample energy, decreasing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases and finally maintaining the environment of your surrounding and the entire earth as a whole.

We are leaders in cartridge recycling and contributing to this cause since the inception of our company, we offer variety of options in toners and cartridges according to our customer requirements, Lifetime guarantee on our refills, best quality refills that do no harm to the printer or offer poor output, Replacement warranty.

Compatible Cartridge

We sell and support inkjet and laser printers from HP, Epson, Canon, Samsung and other OEM brands. We also sell new and re-manufactured cartridges for different models of laser and inkjet printers. These printing devices differ in dimensions, duty cycle, type and resolution. Difference also lies in the consumables used. Not only are there differences between ink cartridges and toner cartridges but distinction lies also among ink cartridges and their toner counterparts. With distinctiveness in all printer models and their cartridges, cartridge manufacturers such as "Printer on Hire" tread a middle path. We manufacture cartridges that are compatible to a reasonable number of printer models either for laser varieties or inkjet models. We re-manufacture inkjet cartridges that are compatible over a wide range of corresponding printers. Likewise, we also sell and refill toner cartridges that are well-suited over a fairly wide range of laser output devices.

These compatible cartridges manufactured by us come with lifetime guarantee which ensures repeated usage. As these are manufactured under strict quality standards, their quality remains intact over a substantial period of time. Being made of top quality material, these consumables do not harm your printer in any way whatsoever. We, in our endeavor to protect your printers, never compromise on the quality of materials used in re-manufacturing these consumables. The quality of our compatible cartridges is comparable to the best in the industry and matches international or OEM standards. About 99 percent of our re-manufactured cartridges are recycled. This is our effort towards preserving resources and protecting the environment. These re-manufactured consumables are also part of our comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract as offered to customers.