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Business Opportunity

Franchise Opportunities

To help grow our expanding franchise network "Printer on Hire" has various franchise opportunities and franchises for sales across India. To achieve optimum quality and performance we have leading edge technologies utilize the finest inks, automated refilling equipment and quality control processes for consistent high quality. Additionally, recycling cartridges is environmentally friendly and our industry knowledge means we can provide excellent customer service.

Succeed in a rapidly growing market

Now, it's safe to say if you have a computer, you have a printer - so it's easy to see why the market of printer cartridge is huge and growing rapidly. People expect high-quality, trouble-free performance from their cartridges, but they don't like paying the high prices that manufacturers charge for replacements. So your chance of success are outstanding, and as technology advances further into homes and business, the need for printing products will only increase. Once your customers recognize the outstanding benefits of purchasing printer cartridges at a savings of up to 50% to 80%, they'll continue to buy from you - giving you an ongoing revenue stream with outstanding profit margin potential.

A business that helps the environment

Every year, approximately 47 million used printer cartridges end up in landfill sites, and each of these 47 million cartridges can take over atleast 450 years to decompose.

By helping your customers to buy our remanufactured cartridges rather than replacing their cartridges, you are playing your part in keeping some of those 47 million cartridges out of landfills. As the world becomes more and more environmentally aware, that is going to make your business attractive to an ever growing customer base.

Backed by a national marketing campaign

To ensure our - and your - business keeps growing successfully, we are continually investing in a national marketing campaign comprising , adverts on internet media (search engines, social media, online news sites, mailers), hoardings and in newspapers, as well as business to business advertising.

"Printer on Hire" franchise advantage

With no franchise fee nor security deposit, we have an excellent return policy on investment upto 40-45%*, Extensive industry experience as well as excellent market potential- B2B & B2C, Proven business system, Extensive technical training and on-going support, Suitable for diverse franchise demographics with 300 partners across India.

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